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Tuskegee Airman Dedication LTC(R) Leo Gray

Throughout the years I have been privy to meeting and building professional and personal relationships globally.  My path crossed LTC (R) Gray path while waiting for a flight in Jackson, Mississippi airport.  Below I would like to share with each of you some photos of how LTC (R) Gray continue to promote a “environment for change”!

“On behalf of Transcending Borders Corporation and our partners, LTC (R) Leo Gray thank you for allowing our organization to be blessed with your wonderful personality and loving spirit. The time I  spent with you and your family was invaluable and broaden my understanding of the unselfish acts Americans from past to present contributed to today’s society. Thank you for the uplifting speeches, your dedicated time through conversations, photographs and personal appearances you openly had with audiences.  May God Bless you and your family”.  Mrs. Tangalayer Oates

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