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TBW21-10: Employee Supervisor Nuances





This webinar is designed to light-heartedly discuss employees’ behaviors that outrage supervisors.  This webinar is not designed to place blame or specifically target or single out negative behaviors.  This webinar will focus on how to identify those behaviors and become proactive redirecting or modifying behaviors that contribute to creating workplace barriers.

Join “Mrs. Oates”  in a fun and thoughtful webinar that is designed to  “replace tolerance in the workplace with understanding and creativity in the workplace”.

The learning objectives:

  • Defining disruptive workplace behavior.
  • Discussing three strategies to improve employee supervisor workplace communication.
  • Discussing the elephant in the room without creating workplace disruptive behavior.
  • Discussing how an employee can provide supervisor feedback without backlash.

Registration is required for this webinar.

Cost: $69.99

Time: 11:30am – 12:30am (eastern standard time)

Location: Live Webinar (Listen Only) – questions last 10 minutes of the webinar

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