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Cultural Communities of Change

Our organization recognizes past and current contributions all ethnic groups; and those individual sacrifices that shined brightly when darkness seems to be never-ending. For this and much more Transcending Borders Corporation acknowledges these sacrifices. Therefore each month you will find a video supporting an ethnic group or individual in hopes to inspire dialogue or create dialogue, that will introduce suggestions that will lead to change fostering a new environment of candor, competence, and concern with everything we each do. Here is a place to begin National Hispanic Institute.  Enjoy the video- “Mrs. Tangalayer Oates”



Click here for DEOMI listing of Cultural Observance and Awareness Events


Note: The above was retrieved at Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute from: https://www.deomi.org/human-relations/special-observances.cfm.  As a past Department of Army (United States Army Reserve) Equal Opportunity Specialist Trainer I was privy to train at DEOMI institution is a driving force supporting cultural acknowledge and offers a plethora of information.  I encourage you to review their website. “Mrs. Tangalayer Oates”