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Training Programs

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Transcending Border’s Business and Community training programs are designed to focus on the relationship between the individuals learning process, instructional daily events, and significant life events through formal and informal instructions. Training programs learning objectives have been designed to accommodate any type of work environment.

Transcending Border’s Business and Community training programs are delivered through online presentations, lecture communications, audiovisual instruction and hands-on methods.  To include business and training programs delivered through individual or business games, case study, role plays, group building methods and organizational team training.

Transcending Border’s Business and Community training programs are created for all ages, all learning styles for conditions that effect areas throughout each of our lives. Training is consistent with meeting business and personal objectives for self-concept goals, individual and employee readiness, diversity awareness of all cultures through verbal instructions, written instructions, pictures and diagrams.

All programs can be designed to address the needs of your organization. Our programs have been designed and continuously modified to meet the needs of our changing economy.

A list of our most popular training programs offered, feel free to click below for more information on classes:

Small Business Seminar
Career Development Seminar
Diversity Management Training
Leadership Development Training
Equal Opportunity Training
Performance Management Training
Leadership and Management Training
Human Resource Management Training
Equal Employment Opportunity Training
Sexual Harassment Prevention & Awareness Training

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